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  • Choose your format (A3 or A4)

  • Send a portrait picture in HR to together with the address you would like the portrait to be delivered to

  • Donate the corresponding amount to RYSE  

  • Once the donation has been received, RYSE will inform H.S. to commence with the commission

  • Have some patience: your painting will be sent or delivered to you asap


  • A4 format: 30€

  • A3 format: 50€



Please be assured your money will go to the refugees and asylum seekers most in need. RYSE will not benefit from any of the proceeds raised.

Examples of how the money will be spent include: 

  • To purchase basic hygiene products for asylum seekers (their income is limited to 26.27 EUR per month)

  • To buy arts and craft material for refugee children

  • To purchase sim cards or data for individuals so they can keep in contact with their loved ones

  • To purchase school equipment/materials for students with limited income

  • To provide lunch boxes to students who cannot return to the Foyer to get their meals during the day


RYSE will make sure you are informed about how your donation was used. Don´t hesitate to contact RYSE directly by email ( with any questions.

Many thanks!!!!

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