Who We Are

RYSE was created in November 2017 by a team of 5 Co-Founders who joined forces after working individually with local youth refugees and decided to collaborate their efforts to have a more positive impact and reach a larger audience.  

We currently support over 150 youth refugees from 15+ different countries.  We do this with the support of over 85 volunteers.  

Read on for more information about the work we do and our mission and principles.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire positive development in youth refugees and help them to discover their true potential through support and empowerment. 


We strive to promote the integration of youth refugees in to the job market in Luxembourg by breaking down the barriers facing refugees and encouraging inclusion which benefits refugees and the local community alike.


We aim to create a positive effect on the future generations both in Luxembourg and globally by helping refugees determine their goals and ambitions and identifying clear pathways to success.

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Our Two Pillar Approach

Our key accomplishment as an association is to ensure all beneficiaries are successfully working towards the long-term goal of gaining suitable employment.  To help us achieve our mission, we focus on 2 core pillars:

Mentoring Program: match each beneficiary on a one-to-one basis with a volunteer Mentor.  They work together to identify opportunities in line with the Mentee's personal & professional goals, then help them to navigate the necessary steps.

Volunteering Opportunities for Mentees: to gain local work experience through volunteering with co-operative businesses and other services.