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LEILaW’s mission is to actively Listen, Exchange insights, and Inform on women's human rights within the legal framework. It tackles Daphne's second priority—stopping violence tied to harmful practices. How? By crafting safe havens where migrant women and girls can freely discuss their encounters and queries about harmful practices. We're also ramping up our understanding of legal tools aimed at safeguarding them.

This initiative strides forward in partnership with Passerell and Douri associations, receiving co-sponsorship from the EU Commission.

In the LeilAW project, RYSE sets up discussion groups to create a safe space for migrant women. Our aim? Helping them build better lives by tackling violence and discrimination, so they can live freely and peacefully. By advocating for women's rights and equality, we empower them to engage fully in their communities.

Through daily case management and partnerships, we pinpoint what our women need. These discussion groups? They're our way to ensure women have a voice, get listened to, and receive support to meet their needs using their own strengths and resources.

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