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20-to-20 World Refugee Day challenge: from the 20th of June until the 20th of July we are crowdfunding to support refugees in Luxembourg.

The UN World Refugee Day is celebrated on the 20th of June: join the challenge and help us make a change!!

We are RYSE, a non-for-profit organization based in Luxembourg. 
We welcome young motivated refugees who sign up to become our mentees and we then work together to provide them with opportunities to develop their talents, acquire new skils and reach their career goals. We offer one-to-one tailored mentoring thanks to the generous support of many volunteers & mentors who empower our mentees and contribute to build a stronger and more inclusive community in Luxembourg.

Fatema lived with her family and had financial stability in her home country, when she was suddenly forced to flee persecution to save her life. She walked through the desert and crossed the sea in a perilous journey. After facing many risks, she arrived in Luxembourg 8 months ago and applied for the international protection. Since then she's been living in a  migrant shelter, sharing a room with two other women and receiving 29 EUR pocket money per month. Despite her resilience, Fatema needs your support to rebuild her life.

- Donate!! Every little help counts as we focus our efforts on the job search and the professional development of our mentees 
- Share our fundraiser with your friends and networks
- Follow RYSE on social media for updates on our mentees' achievements thanks to this fundraiser
- Advocate for a world where refugees strive and not only survive.

Your donation will support more refugees with:

Mentoring   (one-to-one tailored support)
- Training  sessions to increase their competitiveness in the local job market
- Tailored job search support
- Guidance trough admin procedures (education, driving license, paperwork) 
- Anti-racism and micro-aggressions training 
- Trauma care psychological support groups 
- Conversation sessions to improve their language skills


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